General wedding day photo tips for brides

Tip #1 – Make sure to have a neat and clean “getting ready” room, big enough for all your attendants.

Tip #2 – A large room with lots of light (preferably natural light) works best, and a few minutes of tidying up beforehand will yield better photos.

Tip #3 – Make sure your flowers, bouquets, boutonnières and corsages arrive with enough time to be photographed. You don’t want to miss out on the detail photos of your very important flowers!

Tip #4 – Go light on the foundation, especially on hot days. We know you want to look your best, so when applying foundation, keep it light. When we sweat it tends to run and cause a blotchy look. It’s much easier for us to fix blemishes than it is to digitally redo makeup. Powder foundations work very well for appearing evenly in photos.

Tip #5 – Invest in some Oil Absorbing Sheets for yourselves and your bridal party. Bring them along with you to use throughout the day. It will keep you from looking oily or sweaty, and maintain a natural appearance in your photos.

Tip #6 – Bring along some lip gloss or lip balm! This goes for the guys as well! If your lips are dry, they will show up in photos, and it’s not something that can be completely remedied. All that celebratory drinking you have been doing dries out your lips, and makes them look… un-kissable! Keep them dewy and soft for all those kisses you will be shelling out over the course of the day.

Tip #7
– The more hydration the better! Make sure to drink water throughout the day, especially on those scorching summer days! Have a water cooler with bottled water available at all times, since drinking plenty of it will make you feel so much better!

Tip #8 – Ask your limo driver if he minds throwing your cooler in the trunk to bring along for Formals. They usually will not mind.

Tip #9 – Have an emergency kit to bring along that includes tissues, pain reliever, hand sanitizer, stain wipes, safety pins, a sewing kit with scissors, band-aids, tape, etc.

Tip #10 – Enlist the help of a bridesmaid and groomsman, by asking them to provide your photographer and videographer with your room number if you’re having them photograph or take video of you at your hotel. Many times it’s not available until you check in the day before or the day of the wedding. A quick call or text will make it quicker and easier to find you, and they will love you for it!

Tip #11 – Comfy footwear! This is one not to forget – trust us. After the ceremony, when traveling to your Formal photo locations, it is imperative to bring along a pair of flip flops or flats. Often times the ground is soft, or the terrain is uneven which makes for difficult walking, and CAN ruin your shoes. Bring along your wedding shoes for the photographs if you like, but wear the comfy shoes to get there. A cute pair of flip flops in your wedding colors also makes a great Bridesmaid’s gift. They will thank you for it!

Tip #12 – Bring along a white blanket or sheet to use during Formal Photos. It can be used to protect, and keep your wedding dress dirt-free, or the dresses of the bridesmaids, should you choose to be seated in any photos.

Tip #13 – If you’re planning on bringing some props with you for your photos, consider packing a rolling suitcase or tote to bring along with you. It’s an easy way to transport your props, and a convenient place to store bottled water, a sweater, an umbrella, and your wedding shoes if you’re walking a long way, or going to multiple locations. And who wouldn’t rather roll the cart behind them, instead of carrying all those things?

Tip #14 – Most important of all, eat, drink, and be married! Yes, there are times when we need your attention, and the attention of the Bridal Party, but most of your day is going to be photographed in photojournalistic style. So you can relax, enjoy yourselves, and forget that we are even there. We’ll worry about getting fun and flattering photos of you and your guests, without needing much assistance at all. So let loose, enjoy your momentous day, and leave the rest to us!

If you’ve found any of these tips helpful, please share them with others!

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